October, 2011

By: Nick Wisda


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My good friend Brandon (Bwall) needed photos for his website so we took a drive, made about 10 wrong turns and just before the light was gone, we ended up shooting in Corona behind Crossroads Christian Church.

If you don’t know Bwall, you should. He’s that guy who does a lot of different stuff and he does it all really really well. Originally, he’s from Tennessee even though he’s spent a good amount of time living on Brian Sumner’s couch in California or on tour with KKSM filming skateboarding.  He’s an incredible skateboarder himself and he’s just as good filming it too.  He also designs my favorite shirts for his brand, Rainy Day, which he’s unfortunately had to put on hold for now, because a mountain of video, motion graphics, and web design work monopolize his time.  Myself, among many others have tried to get him to make the move out this way, but his new nephew and the rest of his family keep him in TN, working on his newest venture, Blend Mode Creative which will launch very soon.  While you wait, check out his Vimeo page if you’re into awesome.


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