April, 2010

By: Nick Wisda

Concerts, Music

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Rock + Worship Roadshow 2/2

This post has the rest of the photos from the Rock and Worship Roadshow.. with The David Crowder Band + Mercy Me.

The David Crowder Band.
Dang what a fun day! I got to meet Mark, the guitarist from The David Crowder Band. He was a super nice guy, very humble and you would never know he was part of one of the dopest bands in existance!
Mark - David Crowder Band!

The whole show was soo good! I can’t believe how good they are live. The entire crowd was so into it, hands in the air, jumping around, singing along.

Mercy Me!
Mercy Me was so good. It was relieving because some artists take EVERY chance to say their own name and I don’t think they did once. They’re so awesome and they raise up Jesus! I almost feel bad that I shot so much of everyone else but not so much of these guys. Honestly, most of their show I just stopped and worshiped. I had to! And at the end of the show, the ENTIRE stadium was singing their song, ‘Emanuel’, just voices. They walked off the stage and the crowd finished the whole song and that was the end of the show. Amazing!

Mercy Me!

Mercy Me!

Their music is sooo good and it’s all about Jesus! Go buy their CD and get siked!

Here’s the pic I got with the band!

There are so many photos I had to split the posts. See the other half!


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