March, 2010

By: Nick Wisda


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Riverside Shred Night

Braxton - Nollie Board
Braxton coulda done just about any trick he wanted down this rail guaranteed but he had to film that specific trick. Also for those of you who don’t skate much, for filming a video you want as big a variety of tricks while not getting hurt so this one seemed right. Read the rest after the link!

Tonight was one of the first nights I’ve gone out to shoot some good ‘ol shredboarding in quite a long time and it almost didn’t happen still! I’ve been so busy I haven’t gone out lately and this night we met up late and couldn’t find the first couple spots. Finally we came to this spot and we needed to fix some cracks. We didn’t have any bondo left so half the crew went to the store and about an hour later they got back and we went to work.

Braxton is the only one who skated tonight even though we had two and a half cars full of guys! Here’s his first try warming up..

Sorry for that annoying loud voice near the end of the clip. I don’t know who that was… :O

A few camera phone pics!…
Scoping it out..

You stinkin’ ready yet?!

Checking the clip!


March, 2010

By: Nick Wisda

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Update Video

Hey everybodyyy! I get asked what’s new by lots of people via Facebook so this saves me a LOT of typing!! Lots of stuff going on and these videos should answer most of the questions.

I filmed these videos on my phone so please excuse the fact that my face is super blown out white. If the Droid had manual exposure… holy macaroni this phone would be insanneeee.

Check it! This one talks about my new job.

This one talks about some other shtuff.. :D


March, 2010

By: Nick Wisda


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Carney and P Hart Shredding Newport

As for today, it was wayy fun! We didn’t get too many tricks but it was just a good time chillin with Anthony Carney and Paul Hart for the day! We all had an amazing time and joked around non stop, hopefully you can tell by the photos… after the jump!!

So if you were wondering, I am still alive, praise God! Lots of stuff going on so not much blogging going down but I’m hoping to get some blogs rolling out semi regularly so check back often! Also, I have been posting a bunch on the Facebook. If that’s something you’d be interested in, click here and go be a fan!

It was supposed to rain, the clouds were definitely looking angry and it started sprinkling as I pulled up to pick up the guys. It started and stopped raining all day but it happened to be dry at every spot and only rained during the drives in between, praise Jesus!

Note that the Siren and Reliance team have a new video they’re working on to come out in the near future. These guys are out workin’ hard shredding, filming and getting photos. They’re determined and on a mission… keep your eyes posted for updates about them because it’s going to be big! Hit them up! Links: Anthony’s Siren or Paul’s Reliance.

Paul warming up with a switch 180 real quick. I like filming with my phone! And ya, notice Carney in the street. Of course the driver in the truck happens to know and recognize Carney!

Switch heelin’ no big deal.

Paul’s switch heel look up, Billy Marks style, with Carney getting the double angle dood.

Rannnndom clip!

Headed to the next spot.

I love this photo!!

Playin with some focus..

Walking along this road, Carney found an iPhone on the ground. The screen protector and case was jacked.. took them off and the phone was in near perfect condition.. no scratches!

He’ll get it figured out. Don’t judge.

Paul’s actually good at filming! He’s used to the old school cameras though.

Test shot!

Carney kickflips!


Tre bomberr!

One of the falls I thought looked cool..

Carney.. shredboarder, Jesus follower, people knower, AND filmer!


Always laughing!

One more try?

Front blunt into the bank!? :D